Thursday, August 2, 2012


A while ago i bought my bug a play fishing pole, i amamzed to say this toy is not only still in rotation but it is one his favorite toys to play with!

Now we are getting good to, he can cast about 10 feet away from where he stands! Last weekend i was folding clothes and i went to check on him in his room only to find him sitting at the edge of the stairs.  He had moved one of the chairs from his room to the top of the stairs and was casting down the the stairs fishing. When i asked him what he was doing he said "pish" and i just about laughed my butt off.  He knew what he was doing and i was interrupting his concentration.  When he was done he moved his "pish"-ing to my room. He moved his chair onto my bed and was casting from one end of my room to the other, having a conversation with me as he "pish"-ed this time.

He is getting the hand of it all and doing a GREAT job too.  In no time he is gonna be allowed on his Pa-Pa's boat again to do some good ole' fishing soon.

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