Thursday, August 2, 2012


I think we take things for granted because to us they are normal.  For example it is normal for some people just to hire a Gardner today to take care of their yard.  for what ever reason this is something that doesn't get questioned but i remember people looking at my mom like she was crazy because she wanted to hire a gardener when i was growing up.  Everyone looked at her like umm thats a waste you have to kids who should doing some yard work with you.

Being a kid i was not gonna argue with her wanting a gardener because i did not want to go to any work out side especially if she was already thinking of giving that job to someone else.  Now as a parent i understand it a bit more.  Not only is it keeping your kid busy but simple things like gardening teach kids so much.  Structure, patience, discipline ...i am glad my brother has that drive because it is being instilled in my Bug.

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