Thursday, August 2, 2012

Ice Age 4 & Brave

Another great summer evening came and you know where we went...the drive in!

This is our third time this summer and it is as great as the first time we ever went. This weekend we saw Ice Age 4 and Brave. I cant express in words how much i LOVE the drive in, i but i really really enjoy the drive in!  $5 pizza, popped popcorn at the house and packed up my cooler with drinks and other snacks then off we went on our Momma and Bug summer date night.

My Bug loves the drive in, he can sit in the front seat pretend to drive, bop around to the back seat ask me a question, get a snack, and then go right back t watching the movie.  I love it because i can relax, it is VERY cost efficient, and we are not bothering anyone if we talk sing or whatever during the movie.

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