Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The challenge has begun...

So i need feedback

Any suggestions on how to get your 3 year old kid to listen to teachers?

I have taken away toys, put my bug on time out when he gets home, striped away "privileges", spanked, and i reiterate "No hitting, no spitting, and be a good listener that means listen to the teachers when they talk to you and be a good boy" EVERYDAY (to the point where he repeats that mantra every time i leave him with someone new) BUT still my little bug defeats the teachers every time. 

He challenges new authority like crazy.  I know where he gets his stubborn strong will, i mean look at my situation refusing to have an abortion and his donor refusing to step in as a dad, so i am not trying to say i am confused at all about it.  I just do not know what else to do beyond stick with consistency because he acts out with other people. 

So i guess i just have enter the difficult part of raising a boy, and i understand its only the beginning, so i will stay in pray and keep on with consistency and time will tell.

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