Monday, August 6, 2012

Fishing with old socks

So i came home tonight and decided to craft.  Found another cool something on pinterest.  

I took old socks, sewed a magnet in the toe. Cut the ankle part of the sock off and stuffed it in the sock for some body, then ties the end of the sock in a knot to close it off leaving a little at the end for my tails. Then i hot glued one eye on each side of the socks and WAAAALAAAAAAHHH fishes!

For poles i bought a 49 cent dowel from Micheal's and cut it in half, braided some yarn together for string and duct taped the string to one end of each of the dowels.  On the end of the hanging yard and attached two magnets wrapped in duct tape.  This way the magnets stay in place (hence why i stitched the ones in the fishes) so no need to worry about anyone accidentally swallowing them.

My Bug has played with these non stop, and everyone who has come to our house has been fishing too... This is a fun easy craft that cost me 49 cents and gave me a use for those mismatched and old socks my Bug has grown out of in the drawer!

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