Wednesday, August 1, 2012

No Hit No Bit and Good Listen

Last night i discovered my Bug has a major attitude!

I told him to do something and he say ahh man, did his little hulk flex of the muscles, which was normal, but as he turned to walk away he punched the wall twice and kicked a door open.  I was in shock, but not in to much shock that i neglected my job as a parent.  We correct this bad behavior with the swiftness and then reiterated our mantra we say when we pray, when we go to Sunday school and just about all the time when we leave the house with an aunt uncle or sitter..." No Hit, No Bite, and Listen Good".

Its at the point now when i talk to him about his behavior and i say one of those he holds his head down and says "ahh man no hit, no bit and good listen" in disappointment as if he knows he did something wrong.  I believe he does know too. I have introduced it to him he knows what not to do i just have to be patient and consistent with him so he learns how to use those three things (with some please and thank you's thrown in) in all the situations he is faced with. 

I just got to thinking this is a whole new chapter and this little 3 year old is going to have some issues in his life if he doesn't get it together.

Just one more thing that we will be working on together...patience and consistency was and is this years motto still!

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