Saturday, November 19, 2011

Christmas Decor!

Today i set up my Christmas decor...well some of it.  As my bugs God mommy says "An elf came into our living room and exploded!"

The bug was napping as i decorated and when he woke up we left home to run some errands.  When we got back the house was dark and i plugged in the lights.  i can tell you the face my Bug made made me explode with joy!!  He was so excited and shocked, all he could say was "ooohhhh wow" as he walked up next to our little tree that was all lite up in multi color lights!

He is so intrigued with touching everything.  My decor has been up for less than 6 hours and he has managed to break a Penguin, pull off my jingle bells on the door, and take 3 bulbs off my tree.  He is going to learn very quick whats decor you can touch and what you have to leave alone.

I can not wait for Christmas now.  He is gonna have so much fun when he wakes up and see's all the gifts and toys surrounding our tree.

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