Monday, November 7, 2011

Bye Bye Fall

Fall is almost over and we are now getting to my favorite time CHRISTMAS TIME!!!!

bye bye fall!
This year we are on our own for the FIRST time ever, so i just might start decorating before thanks giving so i have more Christmas time in my house.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this season and cant wait for the baking, the smiles, the good nature in everyone tat should come out all year long to blossom in full affect  all as we get ready to celebrate the birth of our savior! SO EXCITED!!!

This year i thought id be smart and start buying the bugs Christmas gifts little by little.  I went to target and found this cool wooden train set, with a round house and magnetic hook up train cars and tow truck truck.  I let hi play with it in the cart so i could see if it was a toy he really enjoyed.  He did enjoy it so i bought it and i left it in the car when i brought up all the other items i had purchased.  When i put all the other bags on the ground int he house the bug was looking through them all saying "wherisit" (yes all one word) and i KNEW what he was looking for but i kept replying "where is what?".  He eventual forgot BUT i guess that's the end of buying gifts with him seeing them. 

When i was little i remember the conversations on the phone spelling words i didn't know when my parents were telling my aunts and grandparents what i wanted and they bought it.  My mom has done the complete opposite yet just as cool.  She said ima send you money tell me what you buy him, wrap it put my name on it and bam done.  So SMART! the bug gets what he wants/needs, she doesn't have to stand in any line or do any wrapping and the goal is accomplished with the bug getting spoiled by Gramie Ya Ya. 

All in all we are saying good bye to fall and hello to winter and i am excited.  So here is to all the posts of sweet baked goods, and sweet memories we will make this season!

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