Monday, November 21, 2011

Corn Bread

Last weekend i made dinner for one of my friends.  She had never had soul food, so we lightly touched the surface of comfort food fried and cooked with a lot of butter. 

I made fried chicken, cabbage, cornbread, mac-n-cheese, and mash potatoes.  My best friend came through and made greens..i do not eat greens so i cant make them...we had to out source that task. When all the food was done we had a house full of people who showed up to eat so it made it like a family dinner was nice, kind of made me excited for the day i have my own house and can do holiday dinners!

While we ate the Bug was in his room watching Cars 2.   When we were done and had migrated to couch to lay down fat and happy the bug emerged from his room.  He walked pass 5 adults, went into the kitchen, opened the fridge and got him self a Capri Sun.  On his way out of the kitchen he walked pass the table he stood on his tippy toes and saw the cornbread in little individual cup cake shapes.  He grabbed one, walked to an adult and said "help" while giving them his Capri Sun.  Someone put his straw in the hole, he said "thank you" which came out as "ya you" and walked back in his room to watch his movie.  Funniest thing EVER, this 2 year old served himself and went back his movie. 

Trying to Smile and say cheese lol
The next day his aunt was leaving our house and she was taking all the extra cornbread home with her, so she had a sandwich bag full of the little loafs.  The Bug walked past her bag, doubled back and opened her bag took one out then put the bag back in her bag. Yes you got it right she got corn bread jacked! HAHAHAH

So i now know if i make cornbread, or any other sort of bread if i put it in a cup cake tin to bake him individual servings it increases my chances of him eating it!  Oh how i how i love teaching and learning with my child. 

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