Thursday, March 24, 2011

How im learning to sneak veggies in...

Beef Broccoli BOMBED fail #32 in the food department

I even tried to get him involved in the making of the dish to make it more appeasing. I washed and cut the brocolli and had him throw each one in the pan and help stir it up...but when it came time to eat it he spit it out and then scrapped his tongue with his little hand in disgust.  This is my Bug we are talking about and since he is my spawn he has to be a little dramatic to give you the full the effect that he didn't like what was in his mouth.

So onto veggie spaghetti. I knew he already loved spaghetti, but now i was gonna be sneeky  MWUAHHHAAAA and pack his spaghetti with so many veggies and hid them in every bit! IT WAS A HIT! he ate the entire bowl and didn't even know he got an UBER amount of super good food for his little body.

Heres how i did it...

Veggie Power Spaghetti

8ounce pasta stars or mini shells
2 Tomatoes
1 onion
2 carrots
2 celery stalks
1 italian squash
1 yellow squash
1 zuchinni
1 can of salt free tomatoe sauce
1 jar of Ragu
1 lb ground Italian turkey
1 turkey polish sausage (optional, but my Bug loves meat so i usually do two meats)

Place one onion in my Pampered Chef AMAZING chopper, then place it in a large pot with my Italian ground sausage.  Brown or cook fully through.  While that is cooking i chop my polish sausage in quarter chunks and brown in a separate pan. 

While my meat is cooking i use my AMAZING chopper and FINELY (they have to be chopped fine b/c he cant see or taste them!) chop all my veggies and ad them one large bowl. When my onions are translucent and my meats are cooked i add them in the one large pot. Then i toss in all my finely chopped veggies in the pot to cook for a few minutes just to get all the veggies tender.  Then i add in my Ragu and my can of tomato sauce.  I learned making spaghetti you can make the sauce stretch by adding in a can or diced tomatoes and/or tomato sauce...i love that!

When my sauce is done i split it, i freeze half the sauce and save for dinner another night.  Cook the pasta and drain DO NOT WASH. If you wash your pasta once its cook you wash off the starch that helps the sauce stick the pasta.  Then I add in the cooked mini pasta shells or stars and serve.  It may look like a lot of sauce but over night spaghetti soaks up sauce to me.

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