Thursday, March 24, 2011

Eat your food Bug!

Today is not my Bugs day!

He refuses to eat and keeps signing that he wants milk. I refuse to fill him up with just liquid. So if we both refuse I am determined to win!

I have made popcorn chicken, baked fries, green beans, spaghetti, and lil smokies. I even gave him a few ounces of milk but not enough to fill him up and he wants to only drink and not eat so I won't give him more milk till he eats something off his plate.

So naturally he is walking around hanging on me crying. He signs milk and sign eat back and his cry gets louder...its actually kind of comical.

Then a moment ago he threw a mini fit but in a big boy way. He walked in his room still crying closed his door, got in his bed and started balling. He finished crying grabbed a toy, opened his door as if everything was ok because he was in a bad dream.

He played with his toy for a moment, looked at his sponge bob cup half way full of water and his plate and then signed milk. I signed eat back to him and the crying started back up as he ran in his room.

This kid is 21months doing this stuff, if this is the preview to the terrible 2's laughter better stay with me to get me through!

Oh and in the time it took me to write this he came out, sat down and started eating...doing it slow as if he is protesting but gosh darn it we are doing it. Food makes me happy so its hard to fathom someone who protests it so much! Especially when you have so many options.

Well now I'm off to tell him he is doing a good job...
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