Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Bug's Loving it

Its is so hard to find food my Bug will eat now!

If he eats one thing on a Monday he very well might not be interested in it on Tuesday or any other day after.  So i have a difficult time shopping because money does not grow on tree's so i can not plan ahead very well with him.  When i find something he does like i clinge too it and that's not always good. Its not the best thing to do but i do because i know he is eating something consistently.  I have to also remember not to only give him that one thing and burn him out on it at the same time.

Lately we have been stuck on McDonald's chicken nuggets.  I know there are big arguments about additives, preservatives, obesity, getting hooked on fast food, just going for the toy etc. BUT ima say this...i grew up on McDonald's so if its not "real chicken" or whatever any other excuse maybe, it was fine for me and i am sure in moderation it is fine for my Bug. 

He does not know there is a toy in a happy meal, he just knows there are nuggets and those are GOOD in his belly!  He drinks his 8ounces of green machine a day and he does not eat McDonalds more than twice a week. NOW as a parent i have to challenege myself to

  1. 1. make sure when he eats his nuggets he also gets his veggies and has a well balanced meal.  
  2.  I also make sure i am the one keeping track that he does not eat 7 nuggets every day for a week.  

I think that's what it all comes back to the parents holding responsibility for the kids who don't make decisions.  Kids will end in the end conform to what they are being taught, but you have to be consistent in your teachings. We eat healthy, and we are conscious of whats going in and our activity's during the day and week.  Parents need to be more responsible, busy or stay at moms all can do it...but the consitency and effort into doing it is what i think people need to focus on.

So McDonald's, thank you for being something my son will eat and allowing me to give it to him in moderation along with other options.  I loved it as a kid and i know he is thrilled when he see's the nuggets in front of his face!

W are still trying knew things, this week we will try beef and broccoli and a veggie filled spaghetti!  Hopefully i will have lots of great things to post after!

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