Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No Sleep No Sleep La La La La La LAAAAAAA

Keeping it real, times like today happen and are rough! My friend said it best when she had her baby-"if i could purchase sleep on the black market that would be the best come up ever!" -A. That statement is truer to me now than ever before in my entire time experiencing mother hood thus far.

The Baby Bug fell asleep last night at 7:30pm. I thought ok kool, then 30 minutes later he was up and ready to play.  So i sighed but i knew it was still early and could get him back to sleep by 10:00pm so i would at least get some sleep.  6 hours cumulative is all i really need to function these days.  

10pm came and we were sleep again, so i said well im not gonna pack lunches or clean (didn't even completely any of my night time activities) b/c i was tired and was determined to try and get some sleep.  Good thing i thought to lay it down then too b/c my night took off from there. 

Midnight we were up again, whining and wanting to play. We changed his diaper, rubbed on some Ora gel and headed back to bed.

2 am we are up AGAIN  whinning and tossing and turning. We take some tylenol change the diaper have a cup of milk and head off to sleep again. 

4 am taaadaaa we are up again! we drank a little milk had another diaper change and at that point i just layed down with him. He was laying in my arms talking to Angels or family members who have passed and are now watching over him, til he fell asleep.  We both drifted off to sleep only to be awaken by my alarm telling me i was late getting up for work. Each time we were up i was up for 45 minutes at least.  So needless to say i am drained right now.

Thank God, i asked his grammy to come early today, before i knew what the night had in store for me i had hopes i was gonna get to work early.  My mom came in the door this morning like super woman grabbed her little grandbaby and they snuggled.  She snuggled better than me today apparently because he went right back to sleep instantly with her!  

Then i ran around like flash took a shower, packed my lunch and threw my hair in a pony tail and just as i walked out the door i see them snuggled under a blanket on the couch sleeping the morning away.  It was a cute sight.  BUT now cute is out the window, im exhausted and still have to put on my worker hat and then put my mommy hat back on in a few hours.  Worst part is when i get home he is gonna be rested, cleaned and fed and ready to get through the day and im gonna be dragging. 

Oh well though thats just today, tomorrow will be better so i just send prayers up all day and keep it pushing and all will be GREAT!

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