Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cutting the Grass

The Baby Bugs Grandpa was spending some time with the Baby Bug yesterday but he needed me to occupy the Baby Bug while he cut the grass. 

We bounced the ball up and down the drive way, ran up and down the street just had a grand time outside.  Then Grandpa started the lawn mower.  The Baby Bug was not scared he was more intrigued. All i saw was my Baby Bug studying what his grandpa was doing, but little did i know the wheels were turning in his head. 
No more than 3 minutes after i saw him stand frozen with with his lips poked out saying "ooooooooo" in amazement he grabbed his car and started "cutting the grass".

He was making sounds with his mouth and i did not know if he was mimicking the lawn mower of if he was making car sounds as he was driving his car, but he was FOCUSED! 
Cutting the grass like a pro, look at those turns!
Trying to Follow Grandpa to HELP

I'm glad he is learning good habits to mimic this young.  Watch out world in a few years i may have a young entrepreneur on my hands, or even in a few more years a young urban planner!

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