Monday, October 11, 2010

When you are older you know you are suppose to go to the dentist, but sometimes your 6 month check up gets pushed back while.  What does your dentist or send you a post card, or an email now a days.  The Baby Bugs dentist is a little more pro active.   

We received a package from the dentist, colorful and big. I went into grown up mode thinking it was paper work to be filled out also including paper work to let me know when to make my way into the office for his first dentist appointment.  I was sadly mistaken, it was a package to get us both excited about making our first trip the dentist and how to make it a good one. 

The Baby Bug got
  • a tooth brush- not a rinky dink generic one any one can use BUT an oral b kids tooth brush
  • a big tube of tooth paste- not a trial size but normal size like what adults would buy
  • floss and mouth wash- i do not quite understand why he got these just yet i mean other than to look at, but ill save it for the right time
  • instructions on how to brush his teeth correctly-detailed place the brush at a 45 degree angle and lightly stroke back and fourth 
His dentist said "why wait for him to come in with his new teeth all rotted out" ( not that i would let that happen within my power).  I do not think my dentist would do that, but if he did i just maybe feel a little bit more on top of making my appointments on time.  At the same time i now have know room to come up with excuse for not being on top of the Baby Bugs dental health. 

To date we have four front teeth on the top, four front teeth on the bottom, one molar on the bottom right that has broken free and one molar on the bottom left about to peak through the gum!

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