Monday, October 25, 2010

Non Dairy Milk vs. Soy Milk

Today i learned that i should not keep the Baby Bug on Soy Milk much longer as there is a chemical some where in the process of making the milk that makes your body react to it like estrogen would.  There are many breast cancer sites that warn woman on consuming to much soy products as they don't know if it helps or harms with breast cancer and it does a host of things to guys boobies and their "tenders"!

After the Baby Bugs NEW and improved Doctor hipped me to game she said something that gave me even more confidence in her, "go home, google it and read the research so you know what im saying isnt just words".  I appreciated that, even though she didn't know i was already on my google search via my BlackBerry before we stepped out of the office.  She was giving me information and telling me to make her accountable on her advice that she was giving me. ***snaps to her***

Here are some links i found that might help you if Soy Milk is something you want to give your child or even if you just want to be educated and no more:
My brother had a milk allergy growing up as well, and he grew up drinking Mocha Mix a non dairy milk.  I do not know the affects that had on him as a non dairy milk but i can tell you this he doesnt have boobies! LOL

The more i start to think about this stuff the more technical i get i confused i get, especially with government programs like WIC limiting my choices for my non-lactose drinking child. Your program is designed to help kids and mother stay healthy so why wouldnt you be on top of all the news about the food that have so many restrictions? 

So now i am looking to switch my Baby Bugs milk to Lactaid b/c thats Cows milk with out the enzyme that makes people with milk allergies sick.  If its better than soy milk, and its real milk just with out the enzyme why is this not an option when your participating in the WIC program?  Maybe they dont think moms will read up on all these signs in the times and lower incomed families will be test subjects to see if we will be raising little men who could grow up with boobies.

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  1. WIC does give Lactaid instead of soy milk...wooohoo i didn't even have to jump though hoops to get it.