Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Planning to Take the Baby Bug in the air

Been doing some research on traveling with babies and i'm even more nervous about traveling after i started reading all the do's and donts!

Beyond the normal, clothes suitcase etc that you need to travel here i go brain storming all the stuff i know i am going to "need" on top of all that, lugging in the airport alone with my Busy Baby Bug:

  • Car seat 
  • Umbrella Stroller
  • sippy cups
  • jackets since we are heading to the land of freezing cold weather
  • probably gonna have to get the baby bug some little boots and thicker socks too
  • Portable DVD player-I am not going across the country without the upside down show and cars
  • a new toy-so its something new to figure out and investigate which should equal quiet time
  • diapers and milk i am just gonna have enough to travel with and buy the rest there, b/c those are disposal things.  

Factors like should i take a Red eye Flight, in hopes that he sleeps?  Non stop vs stops, but i am pretty set that i am going to fly non stop so that way we just get it over with no breaks in between of trying to settle him down again.

I worry to much about the what if and the plan b, but i think this is just one of those times where my organization, patience and PRAYER will have to take the lead over my What if feelings...updates will come in the future i am sure.

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