Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Last night i was sitting on the couch watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, yes its HECKA FUNNY, and the Baby bugs comes up to me and says "EAT" while doing the ASL sign for eat. 

He may not do these signs when i want want him to yet, and i do not know how many of them he really knows, but he is learning.  He is learning the signs and putting them into the play at the right times. This is by far mmy favorite stage in his growth.  It is amazing to watch him grow, and truly understand words and gestures while using them correctly. 

I could do with out the tantrums, the throwing of objects, and piercing high pitch scream but this to shall pass. 

P.S. Attached is a video of the Baby Bug Signing eat last night.  I had to get up and give him food after he so CLEARLY stated he was hungry!  Thanks to  his Auntie Amber for taping him on the down low, hence why you see so much of our kitchen island. Every time she would pull the camera out to tape him he would shake his head back and forth saying no instead of eat, so we had to be a little sneaky, but enjoy!


  1. This is to cute for words. He is to smart. I will one day kidnap him and you will

  2. heck ya i would notice things would be calm and that would be nice but strange.