Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hook up of the week-Perscription Glasses on a budget

Prescription glasses and contacts are no joke when it comes to them as a necessity and not just an accessory.

But now with my hook up of the week Glasses Unlimited, you can have so many of your necessities that they can turn into accessories!

These are frames and prescription lenses CHEAP! These are not name brand frames but they are cute, they get the job done. I am a generic kind of shopper but styling it up at all the right times, and believe me this is one of those finds!

If you are like me things can super expensive when it comes to your eye sight.  $30 for your check up appointment, $75 for frames, and then paying for lenses is another arm and leg.  But now with sites like these you can get 2 pair of glasses different styles and frames with more than 50% of a discount than what you would normally pay for one pair of lenses at the eye doctor!

Its LEGIT i know at least two people who have done it and been VERY satisfied with their purchase!  Especially when your on a tight budget like me, this is a MAJOR hookup.  The frames are $9.99 and shipping is 5$.  All you need is your prescription and to know the distance between on of your eyes (and you should be able to get both of those ate your yearly check appointments).

Click on over check it out and enjoy being able to see a fraction of the cost that you were paying before!

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