Friday, October 22, 2010

Baby Crack

Little moments come when the Baby Bug stops moving and is engrossed in something and i am thankful for them.  Recently he has been into this show called the "Upside Down Show", or as i like to call it baby crack.

When this show is on he is mesmerized.  His attention is locked in and i have 20 minutes of thinking time, washing dishes time, doing laundry or cleaning.  For us it comes on Nick Jr. every night at 8 and 830, times i use to look forward to, BUT now with the help of the Baby Bugs Grandpa i have a few episodes on DVD.  Yes, so at any given moment i can be productive and multi task as i listen to him laugh, giggle and talk back to Shane and David.

This show seems sooo simple, two guys with an imaginary remote, some fuzz balls, and a hand puppet.  Thats it, they imagine just about everything else and my son loves it!

If you haven't seen and you have kids check it out, if you have kids and you watch it i am sure you like myself catch your self doing the "The Happy Fly Ditty" or dancing "Utter Chaos" to make your little laugh...i know i do.

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