Friday, October 14, 2011

We have been busy Bugs!

Wow its been almost two months since i have written one blog!  You KNOW i have been busy if i have not been able to update on here! 

So here is whats going on...

The Bug:
  • Is still in Pre Pre School and having a BLAST with every passing day
  • LOVES to go to places like Pump It Up sliding and bouncing his way around   
Look at my youtube channel for more (ilikefootballz)
  • Says and Signs-Eat, Sit, Drink, NyNy(night night) every day!
  • He can look at pictures now and say and sign words.. For example when he sees a bed he points at it and says "Ny Ny".  We are still confused on drink and eat.  He says eat, signs eat then signs drink all three combined means he wants a capri...we have some defining work to do BUT hey its progress. 
  • We are still working on the potty training thing-he will take his diaper off and poop (ANYWHERE on the bed in the corners) but wont poop on the potty.  Needless to say he always has on pants over his diapers. Maybe i should invest in some undies and see if that promotes a different feeling. He doesn't associate the feeling with the location but knows your suppose to see poop and pee when u get off the pot...its gonna be a long road.  I am convinced i would take the teething and ear infections over potty training.We are looking at sports teams he can join early
  • While at school last week we bit someone twice in one day! i do not know when this phase started but i want it nipped in the bud with the quickness!

So much more is come and happen in our lives in the next two years i look forward to sharing the stories, just bare with us because A LOT is going on so i might be missing in action to report with big gaps in between.

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