Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bird Grandpa!

Last night the Bug was staying with his grandpa....doing man things, when i get the FUNNIEST phone call went a little something like this...

Grandpa: Hey, why is your son putting his index finger and thumb together in a pinching motion...he just keeps doing it in my face!

Me: OOH he is signing Bird

Grandpa: Oh we did see a bird on his cartoon...I wish you would teach this guy how to talk, ohkay BYE! 

and he hung up lol

Funniest thing ever, i mean my son does talk just in another language.  I find it funny that people don't associate his correct usage and understanding of ASL as talking when i see it as communication.  I wonder if people would think differently if i had started teaching him something more popular like Spanish.  Or maybe it would make more "sense" if it was something verbal. 

Maybe its more comical to me as last week i had a mom at the Bugs school ask me "what its like to have a deaf son".  I must have had the most confused looked on my face when i responded with "um i would not know, my son is not deaf he is just bi-lingual". 

I guess its just off the grain to teach your child something other than Spanish.  I figure when my Bug goes to school, pre school, and everywhere in between Spanish will come...then he will know THREE languages when you look at it like i do!

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