Thursday, October 20, 2011

Pumpkin Patch 2011

Funniest sign i saw all day, something i would do...
This years pumpkin patch was AMAZING as usual.  The Bug walked, maneuvered and ran all through the pumpkin patch this year.  He picked a pumpkin, fed animals, rode a pony, ran through a hay maze, AND walked all over campus. It was a great day and i cant wait for next years already.  Check out some pictures of our fun day.

Picking the PERFECT Pumpkins!
Feeding the animals.

We searched for the Perfect Pumpkin and my Bug ran all over the field, rode in his wagon, and pushed pumpkins up the hill. 

Then we went to the petting zoo and he had a great time letting the goats eat from his hand. 

The Bug loved riding the pony's, but HATED wearing the helmet.  He cried from the time we put it on until we averted his attention by getting him to sit on the horse.   When he got on he loved it! The horse stopped and he poked it as if he was telling the horse "c'mon go go". 

When had to get from the patch to the petting zoo and the Bug insisted he be the one the dragging the wagon, yet he kept crashing into next year we will work on that.  Then we ran through a hay maze while the Auntie chased him back and forth and back forth.

When we got home, i carved one of the pumpkins and made pumpkin seeds for the first time!!  I have to say my pumpkin came out pretty well and my seeds well they tasted good but i think i cooked them just a little to long.  They tasted like sunflower seeds.  
Mommy made pumpkin seeds and carved a Pretty cool Pumpkin

When we got to the car the Bug crashed HARD! It was a GREAT day.
Pumpkin Patch 2011 Crew, Auntie's, Mommy and Bug!

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