Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Food GREAT Price!

Yesterday my Bug had to give blood.  Something the little ones have to do when they are around his age and with allerigies. When he gave he filled up 7 of those little things...SEVEN! He was a trooper too.  He did not cry when he got stuck and he wasnt to much upset about the process. He was more upset/annoyed that i was holding him the enitre time and he wanted me to let him go.

When we left the lab i knew he had not eaten much at school that day and he had just given a massive amount of blood, so i knew i needed to get some food in him so this little guy didn't pass out on me.  I was going to grab him a happy meal or some nuggets but then i remembered Vince's!

Vince's Spaghetti is an amazing restaurant in the Inland Empire.  It is real home cooked food that is cost effective for people on a budget. The fast food meal i would have gotten for my bug would have run me about $5 just for him, but instead he got a hot plate of spaghetti for $2.85. The best part is he ate the ENTIRE child's plate of spaghetti and a portion of my salad.  He sat in his chair huming and eating the whole meal. He was trying to poke at his noodles with a fork to pick them up but that was not working very well, so mommy gave him a spoon and then it was time to get down to business! He got meat, sauce and noodles in every bite and did not stop until the entire plate was gone. 

I was thrilled and amazed.  Thrilled he was eating so well and it was good filling food, yet amazed that he ate so much! I guess it just the life of a growing Bug from here on out.  So in that case i am sure the people at Vince's will soon know us on a first name bases especially for an under $3 home cooked meal!

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