Monday, July 18, 2011


Last night my Bug and i were watching Nemo when he looks out the patio window and sees a black guy in a wife beater with a baseball cap on.  The guy was out side cleaning out his girlfriends tires and my bug thinks its his Uncle Tre'.  My Bug stood up on the couch looking outside screaming "TEY TEEEEEEY" and i was laughing so hard i could not help my self that was just to cute.  It was beyond cute that he was so emotional and  passionate about seeing Uncle Tre'.  He jumped off the couch ran to the screen door and flung it open, in his excitement.  The guy down stairs heard him screaming looked up and waved to my Bug.  All the while my Bug just kept screaming "TEY TEEEEEEEY". The guy and his Girlfriend finished doing what they were doing, got in their car and drove away.  All the while my Bug see's them leaving, lifts his hand out toward the car with tears in his eyes and rolling down his face crying out "No Tey No Tey No Tey".

It was so sad but so funny all at the same time because to him that was his Uncle.  This isn't the first time this has happen to him either.

Grandpa has a big black truck.  Well we were leaving our place one day going to the store and a big black truck like Grandpa's was parked in front of our place.  My Bug shot down the stairs and ran to the truck faster than i could catch him.  It took me a minute to realize he was waiting on my dad to open to the door but it was not my dad so the door never opened. When i picked him up to leave i realized, to my Bug it just looked like i would not let him to see his grandpa. When in reality i was taking him away from putting his little hand prints all over some strangers shiny truck.

I cant fault him he is trying to put two and two together with his recognition skills so maybe someday soon he will realize he needs other factors to be true as well so he wont keep getting his little feelings hurt.

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