Tuesday, July 12, 2011

1st bake sale!!!

My inner Martha Stewart and Bee Smith was rejoicing last night when i got to make goodies for the Bugs first ever school fundraiser!! 

I kept my skills quite low key and contained as this was my first.  Didn't wanna jump out the gate with to much but at the same time didn't wanna under do anything either.  So i made a batch of gooey scrumptious sweet fudge brownies. 

Not to much and not to little for the first bake sale right?!? I mean we have years and years to come of bake sales and other fundraiser events to come so ill let my skills and talents slowly make their way out to the magnificent wonders they can be! Cant wait for the nights to come when all the aunts including the Bugs oh so talented God Mommy will be over for baking night, and assembly line production etc creating goodness.  The Bug has a big team pushing him to success.

I handed them over and people were looking at me like i did the most of something, but to me this was not even a sprinkle of how talented i can be! I LOVE THIS STUFF! I was quite shocked that none of the other parents who bring their kids in early came empty handed.  I was even more shocked because i was so eager to be baking for a cause. I mean the brownies may have cost me $8 to make but all the cash they make for the kids is what counts. But you never know whats going on in peoples lives, or even if that was an activity they would have enjoyed.  All i can say is i think i did pretty well for our first bake sale fundraiser and i am excited for all the next ones that will follow.

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