Tuesday, July 5, 2011

July 4th, 2011

2011 fourth of july has been one of the best!

We went to hang with Uncle tre's Girlfriends family for the day and had a blast.  The bug was a little unruly but it was a holiday so it was OK.  There was water playing for the kids, table tennis, football, double dutch action, a mini pool in the front yard, music and so much more. 

My Bug was a champ when it came time for fireworks too. He had a bit of break down b/c he had to sit still for a while but then fireworks started and he was in awe.  He looked in amazment and said " oooh wow" LOL CLASSICLY FUNNY.

A fire work fell over from the neighbors firework show and shot to the drive way where we were sitting..scary at the time but now funny.  It started raining, yes in the middle of fire work action it started POURING rain.  We hide for shelter in the garage watching all the fire works in the sky and my niece Baby J looked up and said "are we hiding from the fireworks so they dont kill us" b/c she was afraid of the fire work that had fallen over later...can you traumatized for life! LOL

Great food, family friends and fun times equal memories that will last us a life time...now only if we had taken a picture or two...LOL

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