Monday, July 25, 2011

GRRRRR Feed Me Mommy!

Last week one of my Bugs Teachers let me know that he woke up from his nap screaming like he had a nightmare or a terror. He had not done this with me since we were teething, so i was a little in shock.  That night he stayed with Grandpa and grandpa said he woke up screaming in the middle of the night too. So naturally what do i do...pray and start researching to educate myself and fix the problem.  I knew it couldn't be anything a doctor could fix as we had just been to the doctor for his runny nose and I could not find anything as to why he would be waking up screaming. 

So i just prayed about it, then low and behold in the middle of the night this weekend my bug wakes up screaming but i knew what to do even without thinking. He was crying and saying "owe!" holding his tummy, so i went into my old routine that started when i brought him home. It was like he was an infant again. I got up poured him some milk, changed his diaper and rocked him to sleep. He drank every last drop of his milk and went straight to sleep. In the morning when i woke up and could think clearly again it dawned on me, he is in a growth spurt. His tummy was hurting and he woke up screaming because he was hungry. 

I am sort of use to this as my brother is a really fit guy with a very high metabolism, so he has to eat every couple hours and before he goes to bed he has to have snack or else he wont make it through the night.  So last night i kicked my plan in action.  It started when my brothers girlfriend got my bug to eat some dinner, then he took a bath and watched a movie and at the end of the movie i gave him a snack, animal crackers and milk. He slept all night long.  Well almost all night, he woke up this morning screaming but he woke up right before the alarm was scheduled to go off.  So he slept until breakfast.

I told the bugs teacher what i think it is and she immediately asked me if i had any reason to think he was gonna be a big boy, i let her know his dad was a big guy so i as long as he takes from him and not me he very well could be a big boy. Instantly she started telling about some cases she studied in child development classes about kids, and mostly kids who are assumed to be bigger kids, who have to have snacks or food multiple times a day when they are going through a growth spurt. Then everything made sense to her. I am grateful God put my body into motion with out knowing all the reasons why, but just making it possible for me to solve the problem.

It was kinda of funny too, because i never thought of my Bug as a big boy, and his teacher today said um no he is big for a toddler. Then she said she felt sorry for my grocery bill from now until he was out of my house.

So now i am on "Keep the Bug fed" mode.  This could be very costly and time consuming...but like everything else with this little guy i look forward to where we go from here and the story's i will have to share!

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