Friday, July 29, 2011


My Bug is now two so i thought id share a little of the random things i notice that i do now as habit!

When i was single and mom free, i had cute purses with random knick knacks now the purse i carry and contents of my purse have drastically changed. Here is what is in my purse on a daily basis now:
  • a hot wheels
  • my wallet
  • flip -ya never know when a good video moment is gonna arise!
  • tissues
  • one diaper 
  • travel pack of wipes
  • sanitizer
  • my sun glasses
  • the bugs sunglasses
  • and my cell phone---if it fits

My car use to be comfy and homey i even had throw pillows inmy car at one joke. Besides all the normal "suppose to be in your car stuff" Now this is what is in my car on a normal day:

  • an umbrella stroller
  • a bag of toys
  • blanket
  • light jackets
  • bottle of water
  • tissues
  • wipes
  • emergency diaper
  • santizer
Even the stuff on my night stand has changed! I use to have tissues, a book botle of water maybe nut now its just extra stuff!

All this stuff is random yet comes in handy just at the right time.  I know as the years keep going i will have gained so many other habits but for now i think im good adjusting to these daily adjustments. 

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