Monday, August 1, 2011

New Allergies

Remember when i blogged last week after My Bug had to give a million tubes of blood for his 2 year test?  Well the results are in. 

I love his doctor too by the way.  She called me personally to let me know the results this afternoon and i have to say i am a bit shocked.  He still has a slight allergy to Milk which looks like he might be growing out of his Milk allergy.  Along with our milk allergy we are allergic to Dogs and Walnuts.  So random but with my moms blood running through my veins and his i am NOT surprised. 

My moms family is allergic to everything.  It skipped her and it skipped me, but everyone else OH MY WOW.  Not exaggerating when i was smaller if you would have put my brother and my cousins in one room i could guaranteed that someone in that room would have an allergy to everything your mind could imagine.  Growing up with this awareness i was ready when i had my Bug! Blood test, inhalers, epi pens, creams and vitamins i grew up administering it and educated on it all and i was ready Now i am a bit relieved to know his list is so little.

I know these allergies are all things he can grow out of but i am kinda excited that he is officially allergic to dogs.  Now everyone who keeps asking me to get a dog can stop with the side hints etc because we are allergic! SWEEEEEEEET lol

I do hope these allergies all pass with time, but i cant complain we are blessed and living in the overflow so we will keep pushing forward to what God has in store for us next!

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