Monday, August 15, 2011

Uh Oh Cheerio's

The Bug eats cereal at school,with milk in a bowl.  SO i thought ok lets keep these eating habits going and i served him cereal at home this weekend in a bowl.  I do not know if he has the same issues at school he had with me, but i can tell you we will only be doing cereal once a week if that at my house!
Oh Oh Cheerios...NOM NOM NOM!
Cant cry over spilled milk
There's still milk in this bowl mom!!
1st attempt drinking out the bowl
 I gave him his cereal in a bowl and had the milk on the side in a cup.  He saw the milk and got excited i wanted him to be apart of "making" his breakfast so he would be more interested to eat what he helped steps i know.  Everything went as planed he poured his milk in his bowl and he started eating his cereal with his spoon.  Then i guess he wanted to feel the cereal or he figured his hands would get the job done faster so he ditched the spoon and started shoveling Cheerios in with his hands.  Once he had eaten enough to where he could see milk floating in the bowl he started to drink the milk out of the bowl.   Which normally would not be a problem BUT he started to drink with out using his hands and he had not finished his cereal.  So in short it was one big mess. Which he loved.  He played in it and he ate the cereal that had fallen out of his bowl sitting on the table.

I guess you have to learn somehow right?

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