Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Faces and Places

We have a lot of family and friends that love my Bug.  Seeing as how everyone does not live within driving distance, I wanted to make sure he gets this name recognition thing down with our family who live all over.

I found a wall map of each individual state online for $1.36 total! So i bought it, wrote each state name and the states capital on all the states and then colored them all.  With no preplanned coloring pattern i have to say i did good as none of the states touch a color that has the same except Louisiana and Arkansas. Then i made some doughnut holes using scotch tape and stuck them all up.  Then i realized i am missing one state. So if my Bug every fails geography because he doesn't know where Connecticut is it's not his fault his map was just missing that state!

Once the map was up i could start the next phase...adding faces to places. I used a piece of yarn and attached to a push pin next to a picture to show who lives where.  For example Grammie is in another state so her push pin is in the state she lives in and a piece of yarn serves a straight line running off the map connecting to her picture.  This way i can put up multiple faces! I am still missing pictures of A LOT of family members so when i get them all its gonna look AMAZING, but for now it's a work in progress. OOH and i am gonna place push pins in every state that he has been too!

In a couple months time this project should take an amazing sort of shape, but here is a preview...when it's done ill have a better picture too.

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