Saturday, August 6, 2011

House Shoes

When i was a kid we had house shoes.  Shoes that were only meant to be worn in the house. The had little plastic dots on the bottom to serve as grips and they were comfy shoes.  They were always of what ever cartoon or animal we were into at that time.  I have looked for house shoes for so long for my Bug and always ended up short.

My dad did find some "Yoga slippers" when star wars seemed to be big, but since then nothing. During my search i ask "do you sell house shoes for toddlers?" seems like a simple questions right. If only that were the case, every time i asked people took me to the crocks!  Crocks are not house shoes they are crocks! and if the crocks don't have lining my bugs feet get all sweaty...gross.  WHO wants to see a toddler with smelly athletes feet?!?

Well this weekend i feel i came up on the come up and found some!

They are everything i wanted them to be, small enough for him to slid on, and intriguing to him so he puts them on.  My only problem is that he thinks they are portable toys and pulls them off to play with them...Oh well we will work on it!

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