Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cars Everywhere!

My Bug still LOVES trains but now he is into Cars.  He loves to play with cars, Hot Wheels to be exact, but any car will do.

Over the last 24 hours i have found cars EVERYWHERE...literally everywhere.
I have found cars:
  • in the car under my seats
  • in the car seat
  • in the cup holders 
  • in my bed under my pillows when i was going to bed  

He even lines cars up to watch movies with him.  Falls asleep holding them and when he wakes up to turn over he grabs the car and snuggles up.  
My niece has her "Baby" (a stuffed teddy bear).  I guess cars will just be is thing.  I thank God for my little boy.  I truly believe he knew what i could handle with ease when he gave me my Bug, a boys boys.  Cars under my pillow, in my couch, and on his feet amuse me...don't think i would feel the same right now about finding Barbie accessories around the house.  YET at the same time it makes me smile when my niece leaves princess stickers, or paper dolls after she comes to visit.  Contradictory and weird i know but true.

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