Friday, August 12, 2011

My J, My Bug and My Skyy

My sister has two girls and i have my Baby bug.  These kids are so great, they are all three at stair step levels in their development and its is so funny to watch them all interact.  


My J is 3, speaks fluently and loves to apply the answers to her daily 3 thousand "Why" questions.  

My Bug is 2, does not use words to talk, signs a few words to communicate, and is in the just learning to listen and respond accordingly phase.  

My little mama is 1, she is a bow legged pigeon toe walker who is bossy with her three words she does know "Hi, Hey and Eat" we are gonna be roll dogs especially in the food category.

I love my sister for making sure that we start these play dates so they get to know each other, and they do.  When J and my Bug realized they are together they get all excited and rambunctious...unless J's older cousin is around then she wants to hang with the big kids.  Its so fun to see them get close like we did when we were little around each other everyday and every weekend of our child hood.

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