Monday, August 1, 2011

Ear Infections

I know i am blessed with ONLY having to deal with ear infections when so many parents have so much worst to send their little ones up in prayer about...yet if we do not see another ear infection or hear the word ear infection again in this lifetime i would not be upset!

Teething ear infections were bad, and scary.  I was up multiple times at night with him screaming and then i would have to be at work the next day bright eyed and bushy tailed for a ten hour day. We were on five million anti biotics all that did different things to his tummy and his poo.  All with all food restrictions and refridgertaing limits.  It was just  a hassle. 

I know this is something he gets from me too, because ear infections where the only things that were wrong with me as a child.  I stayed in the water and the water stayed in me. I think i had 2 a year and 4 in summer for the better part of my junior high school years.  Yet at the same time i am not complaining because i know that ear infections are probably what a handful of parents wish they had to deal with instead of what ever illness, or sickness their little ones have at the moment. 

Yet still if we never have an ear infection again i will not be upset!

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