Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Little Bug??

So My bug is about 26 months old now.  He weighs 30 lbs, stands 31.5 inches tall and his head is 19.5 cm.

He wears all sorts of different sizes in clothes...no really he does. His shirt sizes are 2T/3Tfor the most part (except with target shirts the seem to run small), and he wears 24 month/2T bottoms. He is in a size 9 shoe and has about a quarter of an inch to go before we get to a size 10.  Bad thing is i just bought the nines this weekend and i can almost bet by Halloween we will be in a 10. 

  • According to his doctor he is petite.  He is healthy, but short, and could be more plump but his head holds a lot of knowledge AKA she think he has a big head.
  • According to Babycenter.com he is under the percentiles! 
Length = below percentile 5
Weight = between percentile 50 and 75
Head Circumference = below percentile 5 
  • According to the chart that's in his file he is short but ok in the weight class. 
  • According to his teachers...he is a big boy and they think he will be be a linebacker sort of big boy. 
  • According to me...he is healthy, happy and has a GREAT smile everyday so we are golden!
 All we do now is keep pushing forward excited to see what God already knows!

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