Monday, August 8, 2011

Rain Forest Cafe and the Gorilla

This weekend i thought it would be fun to take my Bug to Rain Forest cafe.  He likes the zoo and all the animals there so i thought he might enjoy this place.  Auntie April came down and away we went to the restaurant.

When we got the to the restaurant he was so intrigued. He was looking at the tree's the fish and the birds saying OOOOHHHH.  Then we were getting seated and his eyes got big, he smiled and OOOOOOO'd some more at the elephants.  He watched them move and make noises and LOVED it.  THEN the gorilla started moving, he didn't like that to much and his hands went straight up over his face to cover his eyes.  He was sitting in his high chair with his eyes covered and then he put his hands down after they stopped moving and he started to color on his menu. 

THEN the lighting storm started and ALL the animals started moving and he had enough.  He was trying to jump out of his high chair and get in my arms.  When he got in my arms his hands stayed GLUED to his eye lids so he was covered.  I guess he figured if he couldn't see the gorilla the gorilla couldn't get him. 

My bug spent the entire meal covering his eyes.  i finally got him to uncover his eyes but then his face was glued on my chest.  He was not budging from some kind of shelter until we left. He was smiling and nibbling on food but i know he was starving.  He just decided to be safe rather than let the gorilla get him! 

April and i finished eatting and she got up to go to the restroom.  My bug lifted his head pointed at her and said "OOOH NO!" while lifiting his hand in the air pointing to her and CRYING.  I mean tears falling from his eyes.  I do not know if he thought she was going deeper into the jungle and the gorilla was gonna get her or if he thought she was leaving him in the jungle and he had to stay.  I do know he didn't like it one bit and cried until she came back to the table. 

I packed his food up to go because i knew he was starving and as soon as we got in the car he was his normal self talking up a storm and eating his meal. 

This is FOR SURE a moment that will be forever recorded in my memory book as the meal i got to eat in silence because my Bug was scared of the gorilla.


  1. I loveee these pictures! Terrified but still adorable. :)

  2. CLASSIC moments, i guess we will try again in a few years and maybe he will like it then.