Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grape Harvest Festival

This weekend we saw Auntie KC at church and she invited us to the Grape Harvest Festival in our town.  I had never heard of it before and it was pretty fun.  Rides, games, vendors and FOOD.   I think next year the Bug will really enjoy it a bit more as this year he was a little too little for the rides and games...so i made him stay in his stroller just about the entire time so i didn't have to chase him.

I had garlic potatoes fries, The bug got a Kettle corn with he shared with his God-Grammy and he drank my lemonade.  So it wasnt even a terrible costly outing.  The bug also got to see a fire truck and fire fighters. 

That was his highlight.  As we walked up to the truck he gasped and said "OOOH WOW".  The fire fighters loved his excitement and gave him a hat, stickers, a coloring book, a pencil...and way to much extra stuff.

It was a fun impromptu day hopefully we remember them next year when it rolls around!

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