Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Im On a BOAT

This summer my lil Bug took his first ever boat ride! He went onto the lake in granpa's boat with 4 generations of the men in my family.  Great Grandpa, Grandpa, Uncle and Baby Bug all doing "Men Stuff" as they put it when i asked what their plan was.

The guys tried to fish and relax but my Bug went into normal busy mode and wanted to drive the boat. 

Then he discovered the well in the back of the boat.  When the boat is on the water the well fills up with water so the fish that are caught can be kept fresh until the day is done. Well it filled up with water and the Bug put his toys inside.  He had rubber ducks and little floaty men swiming in the well. 
Then fish were caught and put in the well and he had a new challenge catch the fish. Needless to say he was intrigued. 

All though his Grandpa said it was an exhausting day on the water keeping up with him, i know they had a great day all together doing "Men Stuff".  SO it can only get better in the future!

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