Monday, July 11, 2011


When i was a kid we went to the drive in quite a lot! As an adult i now know this was a very practical treat for my parents, but i didn't know that or care back then. So this weekend i thought about the pro's and ended up taking my Bug to his first drive in movie!

A few Pro's to being a parent and taking your kid to the drive in...

1. You get to go out with having to pay for a sitter

2. Getting to bring your own food and snacks lets you avoided paying an arm and leg at the concession stands

3. Your kids can talk, be whinny, roam around and you wont disrupt anyone one else, but those in your car

4. Its CHEAP! It cost 7$ per adult (which is cheaper than the regular theater) and children under 5 are FREE...AND you get two movies for that price

I haven't been to see a movie since before my Bug was born, so this was a long awaited treat.  Two movies for 7$, in the comforter of my own with my own...amazing.

When we arrived at the drive in it was the bugs normal bed time.   So being in a car at bed time meant one thing, Sleepy time and he was KNOCKED out in his car seat before we pulled in. We chose our screen and paid, our two-fer special was Cars 2 and the Green Lantern. 

Cars 2 was up first and as soon as he heard the cars on the screen he popped up.  My Bug was wide awake the entire movie laughing and watching with intensity! We had a snack while watching the movie, he had a chat with me in his gibberish, and he pointed at the screen talking every time he saw Lighting McQueen.  Then the movie was over and the credits begin to roll and he decided it was time for bed and knocked out in my lap.  I laid him down in the back seat and got to watch the Green Lantern in silence.  WONDERFUL Saturday evening.

If your a parent, or not this was a great deal! The theater was packed too,I'm glad this is a place that has not died off but is still alive...i will be going back with my Bug again this summer!

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