Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beach Birthday!

Beach Day was amazing. It was the Bugs first time at the beach and his birthday, surrounded by friends and family and good times.

The Bug LOVED the sand, but didn't care for the water much. He ran and ran all through the sand from our pit to the water.  When he got to the water he IMMEDIATELY turned around and ran away.  I picked him up and held him and walked in the waves...instantly he turned into a spider monkey with a death grip.  It was funny but i didn't want it to be traumatic.  I put him down and instantly he ran away from the waves and jumped in the nearest family members arm who was no where near the water.

Besides playing in the water he loved the sand, hot dogs and family. I use to LOVE the beach as a kid, but now as an adult the beach is exhausting! It was a lot of work just walking from the pit to the water, it could be i was out of shape or im just old, but despite the workout i got i think it is a day we will repeat again sometime this summer.

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