Monday, November 29, 2010

My Signing Baby Bug Part II

For the past couple of weeks my Baby Bug has picked up a few more signs. 

One of which is the sign for Milk. This sign is sooo funny to me but also frustrating. 

Its funny b/c he can sign it when he wants it, he comes to you signs milk and then walks toward the fridge. Its frustrating b/c he signs it when he is hungry and thirsty.  When he is hungry i do not give him milk and try to get him to eat food and now he just throws a fit each time i have to tell him no. Which in my mind i know i have to teach him when your hungry you eat not drink, but i want to praise him for signing and doing it well!

Well more signs will come as i keep signing and speaking to him, maybe soon he will start verbalizing words as he signs too!

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