Sunday, November 28, 2010

Plugs go in outlets

I had an extra power cord laying around the house, don't know why or what it went to but my baby bug found it. I watched him stare at both ends of the plug with intensity.

Then about 40 seconds later he took the plug over to the wall, pulled out the safety plug cover and plugged the correct end of the power cord up in the wall. I was amazed, I told he not for babies and took the power cord BUT I was amazed!

1. He knew exactly how to get the safety plug thing out that wall-that was a pointless buy if the child ur child proofing from can just take them off.

2. He knew when he studied the plug where it was suppose to go-it was like a little puzzle piece in his head and he found the match.

I was a bit taken back on how to say "don't do that" to him b/c he was right in what he stuck in the outlet but what happens when he trys to stick something else in there.

So a couple days pass and my fan is in my living room. Its not plugged in as it has been freezing where we lately. Once again my baby bug finds the plug, takes out the safety cover and on the first try again sticks it in the outlet! I say "not for babies" and relocate the fan. Then while he was sleep I placed clear tape on the outlets. He can't figure out why the plugs won't go in any more.

I feel bad like I'm hindering his rational correct thought process but I know by being proactive I'm preventing him from getting curious about trying to see "what else" can fit in the wall outlets.

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