Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pregnant and Alone

People say i am a strong lady, but i know i am strong b/c of my faith. I am faithful b/c i am optimistic and i am optimistic b/c i am faithful...let that marinate and digest a while to completely understand it. 

I knew i was alone alone b/c i have been blessed to be surrounded by sooo many family and friends who have so much love for me and my bug, but i was alone. When i got pregnant and went through all the hub-bub with my ex things were circling through my mind and my heart that i couldnt talk to anyone around me about.  I talked to a counselor but then i just went on google and searched "pregnant and alone". Doctors appointments, turning over in bed (sounds simple but wait til your ginormous trying to go from your right side to your left, its a task beyond words), the stuff you dont wanna ask for help for but you hope your "partner" would be there with you for made me feel alone. 

Then one day this book made its way into my search Pregnant and Alone

It was amazing.  It was an account of someone who had faith and believe in God who had gone down the same path as i did.  She talks abut situations and stages she experienced in her pregnancy, and about how to prepare your self for the what if feelings.  But what i enjoyed the most was at the end of every chapter there was scripture for you to read, look up, and questions to pose for your self to challenge you to remain strong in so many ways.   Now she didn't go through the same situations i went through but similar enough to relate to all the random feelings i had inside...mixed with raging hormones.  After i read it i was at such peace.  I had so many thoughts that were circling in my mind, but there weren't lonely ones just plans on how to remain who i am and keep moving forward. 

This blog is for all those are unattached mothers with religious beliefs or even those who are spiritual...this book crossed my path at just the right time when i needed it most, so i hope it does the same for someone else with so many unanswered questions or lonely feelings during what can be one of the happiest times of your life!  

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