Saturday, November 27, 2010

Meatloaf and mash tators

I've had a hard time lately feeding my little Bug, but today I scored!

If he had his choice he would be on a liquid diet, but I know that's not gonna work to well for my growing man, so I'm constantly trying all sorts of new things to give him.

Yesterday I made meatloaf and mas tators and that was a hit! I felt so good knowing he ate a full meal. So today I switched up the game and threw a fine chopped broccoli up in his tators. Score one for me cuz he ate it! He even washed it all down with a good 6ounces of green machine!

No additives no preservatives. I controlled the amount of sodium and balanced his meal with veggies...this was a struggle but I'm so glad he has been able to go to bed full of good food in his tummy!
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