Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Get Ready Coaches and Cheerleaders

I was raised with a mom and dad who were able to experience so many different things growing up. One of those things my brother and i got to venture in was extracurricular activities.  I hope to be able to do the same with my Baby Bug.  Along with allowing him to try a host of activities i will start him in City sports. 

This week i realized, we have we have EXACTLY a year and half until we start playing sports! Yes that is correct, aunties and cheerleaders get your T shirts, posters, hats and buttons in a bag.  Uncles family and friends grab your chairs coffee cups and your coaching voice b/c in in 2012 we are getting it in!

I am extra excited for this venture.  I grew up surrounded in sports, and i worked as a recreation leader in city sports and i loved the transition of the sports.  I am excited for my Baby Bug to learn team work, discipline, organization as well start to gain a knowledge of the games he will play.  I plan to enroll him in one sport a season, so he can get a basic knowledge of things and then we he is able to rationalize his likes and dislikes with reason i will keep him in the activities he enjoys. 

In my house my Baby Bug will have to be involved in something, at least one thing. Idle minds allows the devil to work, that's what i was taught.  I want him to be challenged, involved and have fun. I will not stress him out though and try to make sure he learns management skills starting with his time and stress level. 

By the time we hit 36 months (3yrs old) i do believe it will be time for T-ball, not baseball but T-ball...little people in the out field staring at butterfly's and planes, everyone rushing to the ball to get a turn to throw it to someone somewhere, swinging and missing at the stationary ball on a stand, all wearing a cute little uniform apart of a team of little people who are looking and acting alike...I CANT WAIT!

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  1. I realize this also means A LOT of work, time and money on my part as well, but i am still excited for this next chapter of raising the little bug!