Monday, November 29, 2010

Showing us new things

Today my Baby Bug did two really cute things!

1. His grammy was leaving and he put his hand to his lips and said mwwwwwwwah and blew her kisses! I don't kno where he got that from because I don't do it. And he did it all by him self. Then she was taking forever to leave b/c she kept saying awwww at him blowing kisses and he looked at her waved his hand and said ummm see u later. Lol he was letting grammy kno he blew her kisses and she was in that "I'm about to leave" stage for to long.

2. I said "where is ur nose" and he stuck his finger up his nose lol. This was the first time he responded to me with out saying "here's ur nose!". He knew where it was! So now we move to eyes, my mom said that's easy for him to say. So when u see him just ask him where his eye is first, b/c if you ask him anything after "where is your nose" its gonna have a boogie on it for sure.

One not so cute thing...
He was doing he wasn't suppose to do as usual and I signed "no", didn't say it just signed it, and he knew what I was saying. I could tell b/c he stopped what he was doing and threw a mini "but mom I don't wanna" fit.

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