Wednesday, November 24, 2010

You've been Punk'd!

My son is SMART not just with a capital s but all caps and he does little things all day to show you that he is smart.

Laugh #1

He says my moms name when she is not there but when she says it or asks him to say it he looks at her like she is speaking Greek..HAHAHA

Laugh #2

Grandpa might be sitting down in a seat the Baby Bug wanted to make his own, so the Baby Bug goes to get something he is not suppose to have like the TV remote and he runs across the room with it.  My dad then gets up to get the remote, then my Baby Bug drops it and runs back to the empty seat grandpa left open...ya moved your meat you loose your seat.

Laugh #3
The Baby Bug can now sign Milk...when he wants milk he can sign it and he walks to the refrigerator so he will be right there when you get it out for him.   He knows if he signs Milk with his Grammy she will get him milk because he asked for it. He likes to drink more than he likes to eat so he signs milk and she gives it to him but she didn't correlate how many times she gave him milk vs making him wait for an empty tummy so he will eat, he knew EXACTLY what he was doing and she played right in every time.

Laugh #4
My Bug likes to stand up in his chair. The funny thing is he knows he is not suppose to stand up in high chair so he stands up signs and speaks the word "sit" and then looks at u and says yaaaay!

All the things he does does may not be the things i want him to do, but i know he is getting and understanding what he is being taught and shown.  I cant wait for many many more wonderful things that he shows everyone until then i am just gonna keep going and keep teaching and in due time he will show what he knows b/c i now KNOW he KNOWS all that i'm teaching him!

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