Thursday, July 12, 2012

Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirates Life for Me

We are now into pirates and i think it is funny.

Its humourous because when my Bug says pirates he does not pronounce all the letters and he says it like he is saying "potty".  SO you have to ask him what he was trying to say "did you say potty?" and he gets mad " Ummm NO PIRATE" like c'mon mom really!

We did not use to have cable because basically i do not agree with the prices of cable and if you cant watch it on basic television channels or PBS then hey go read a book, put together a puzzle or go outside...especially if you are a kid. In our new house we have cable though at the demand of others so the Bug has a whole new life of options when he gets his time to watch some television.  Along with being able to watch Thomas the Train on more stations he can now watch shows like Chugginton, Jungle Junction and our new favorite Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  Basically its where peter pan left some kid pirates to watch over Captain hook and make sure he doesn't get out of control and to crazy on the island while peter pan is away.

My Bug loves it. he walks around saying "pirate rrrrrr" HAHAH  SO for his birthday his Papa loaded him with all the necessary tools a young pirate would need.  He got a spy glass, a map, a little head band bandanna thing (ya know that all pirates wear), a crocodile flashlight (tic-toc) and the most important thing (that momma dislikes the most) a sword that lights up and makes pirate noises.

He loves it all and now we have to take journeys around the house...yes journeys or whatever they call it that pirates do when they go searching for stuff.  He puts his head band thing on, grabs his map and looks at it then rolls it up and puts it in his shirt.  The you ave to take the spy glass look in it, while pressing all the buttons that make noise and light up, give you the crocodile grab the sword and gesture "come on" as we go look for buried treasured! We never find treasure we just search and search so i think this weekend he might be surprised to find a bedazzled shoebox when he searches if momma can get her act together...that should be a shocker!

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